Help fund our Repair Trailer Build!

FCKD|FIXD is a Virginia-based, 501c3 non-profit Burning Man camp focused on providing community service in the form of education and technical assistance.

FCKD|FIXD currently provides its services to financially challenged members of our local community and to fellow Burners at Black Rock City. The services we provide include:

  1.  Free repair for most common items including major appliances
  2.  Education to help community members gain knowledge of repair techniques
  3.  Increased sustainability by repairing rather than replacing household items

FCKD|FIXD, hopes to bring joy to our local community and the inhabitants of BRC in the form of a fully equipped, mobile repair trailer stocked with as many random parts, widgets, and miscellania as can fit in a 48’ trailer.

FCKD|FIXD is actively seeking donations and other funding methods to successfully launch, stock and sustain our mobile repair trailer. Our mobile repair trailer will allow us to:

  • weld, cut, lube, fix, patch, glue, braze, replace, repair, plumb, wire, solder, drill, charge, illuminate and educate our way to nirvana. Gifting our talents and treasures to those in need of a little help from their friends
  • host workshops on common topics such as basic plumbing, welding, electrical and gadget repair Feel free to contact us at for more details or to get involved.

Thank you!
Gizzy (TCO)

Hey, to all my family, friends, enemies, and those in between. I don’t call on any of you much, especially about money, but this time is different and I need your help. I am several thousand into this project to purchase and equip a mobile repair shop.

Donation details can be found here: Just $25 (more is mo better) from each of you will go a long way and I will be grateful. Regardless, I appreciate knowing and connecting with you regardless of how much you give, even if you think it is too small. It’s support and momentum as well that keeps me moving forward.

And if you have stuff you can donate as well (gear, equipment, parts, tools), contact us to see if it’s something we can use.

Thank you!
Magento (TCO)