RV-specific Parts List

10′ Roll Butyl Tape (Eternabond) $29

Dicor 551 no-sag sealant (caulk) $10 x2

3x Dometic Toilet Valve $12 x 3

Toilet seal 3 pack $16

Blade fuse kit  300 pieces $12

360 piece glass fuse $12

Propane regulator $18×3

Propane pig tail (4x) $15 x 2

Propane (gas) yellow teflon tape $8

JB Weld 2 oz packs (2) $7 x 2

8×1 pan head screws (white, maybe black too, but definitely white heads) used all over on most RVs

Dextrin 3 1 Gallon for Hydraulic Slides and Jacks $30 (Some RVs use this in their hydraulic systems)

AW32 1 Gallon Hydraulic Oil $23 (Others use this)

Hose Clamp Set $15 x2

Basic Trailer Shackle Kit $27

If we are feeling generous (bigger gift/fix that can be managed with a hack instead)

A workaround alternate to providing them with new pumps, is to get some water containers (even 1 gallon) and buy/have an electric siphon pump, and between pumping it out or showing them how to drain from their plumbing low point, they can access their water in the tanks and just manually pour water into toilets and sinks for the week. 

Self-priming Water Pump $50 x 2

Analog Thermostat Controller $19

These may already be in other gear you already have, but they love to put RV access panels, etc. on with rivets…

Rivet Tool & 200 pieces $25

500 Rivets $13

This may already be in the plumbing materials we already have, but if not…

But definitely make sure you have some PEX caps in that other PEX stuff. There’s so many weird RV joints that sometimes you just have to cap it so they can have their pump on to use the rest of their plumbing system, and they can get the leaks fixed properly later.

1/2 ” Shark bite stye push on 10 couplings, 10 elbows,  5 tees $92

10 Pex push-on end caps $18

100′ 1/2″ Pex-B $35

Pex cutting and crimping tool set $65

100 1/2′ Pex crimp rings $28

Push fit removal tool $13

36 piece 1/2″ Pex fittings (crimp) $23